Healthy holiday habits make your resolution easy

Courtney Williams



Happy Holidays. It’s time for finals, feasting, and this year, fitness.

It seems every year, someone we know makes a New Year’s resolution to work out every day, eat right, and lose at least 10 pounds. Realistic? Probably not. And let’s face it, when winter break commences we focus more on sleeping, eating, and watching football games than we do on our physical health. I turn into a couch potato over the holidays, I’ll admit it.

Think about this for a second: would you rather sit on a couch all day, eating leftover Christmas food, candy, cookies, and whatever else, knowing that your jeans are getting tighter, and your face is breaking out so you look like you’re reliving puberty? Or, would you rather make a commitment to doing something active once a day for at least a half hour, so you can continue snacking, fitting comfortably into your jeans and being acne free?

That’s what I thought. So find some gym gear, lace up your tennis shoes and take notes on how to stay fit during the holiday season.

If you need inspiration for getting up and being active, stay up late and watch all the infomercials about programs like Insanity or P90X. They are so addicting to watch, it’s kind of scary.

Still need inspiration? Go to the nearest sporting goods store and stock up on some new workout clothes. Nothing says let’s get in shape like a new pair of running shoes.

Don’t have a gym located near your house? Use your neighborhood as your track, the basketball in the garage as your weight and make your own routine.

Try to run or walk for 20 minutes a day, and if you’re into the whole cardio thing, run to your heart’s content. Your body is its own machine, so do some body-weight squats, pushups, crunches and whatever else you can think of to do.

If you do have a gym nearby, head there, jump on a treadmill and start up your workout. You can use the different weight machines, go for a swim in the pool, or play some basketball. Some recreation centers have seasonal passes you can get, or a select number of passes you can buy while you’re at home for a few weeks. Nifty, I know.

A rousing afternoon of playing Xbox’s Just Dance is just as effective as anything, plus it’s entertaining to watch.

Most magazines these days have some sort of fitness section that provides readers with at-home workouts they can do, and it also makes for some interesting light reading.

If you have pets, play with them. Play tug-of-war with them, take them on a walk, light jog, or simply put on those roller blades, put the dog on a leash, and let them pull you along. I just hope you have good balance.

When it comes to eating that wonderful Christmas dinner of ham, potatoes, veggies, stuffing, pie, cookies and more pie, you don’t have to diet. You can still enjoy all your favorite foods, and you can even have second helpings. Just eat smaller portions, and eat slowly. Don’t just sit there and stuff your face. Not only will you gross out your tablemates, you’ll get fuller faster. And while you’re at it, sit up straight while you eat. It’s easier for your food to digest, so you don’t end up with a tummy-ache.

Make a commitment to yourself. Get up off the couch, get outside, and be active. It’s not that hard, plus it frees up your New Year’s resolution for something more practical.

Happy Fittnessmas.