Graduation nears, speakers announced


Campus News Brief




This past week both ASA and the administration announced the speakers for commencement.

Collegiate Chorale director and music professor Russell Svenningsen won the faculty recognition award presented by ASA. With that award, Svenningsen will give what is known as the “Last Lecture” an address to the senior class.

“Such an honor, I so enjoy my work here at Augustana and my work with students who always bring fresh energy to everything we do everyday,” Svenningsen said about receiving the news. “It’s very humbling. I appreciate my students’ confidence in me. It makes you remember why you do what you do.”

Senior Molly Kokesh will also address the class, the administration announced Tuesday.

“You’ll hear some jokes and a few memories, but mostly my speech is about place—what this place called Augustana has meant to our class the last few years and what it means to be leaving it,” Kokesh said. Kokesh said despite different post grad destinations, Augustana would remain a special place for students.

“We may be heading in different directions after graduation, but there are pieces of this place and of each other that will stick with us forever, and that’s really special.”

Commencement starts at 2 p.m., May 25, and will be held at the Elmen Center this year.