Gay marriage a matter of state, not church




Gay marriage is a topic that has become so common lately that it’s almost cliché. Traditionally, there are two sides to this argument; those who support homosexuals’ right to marry and the opposition. My view on the issue is a little bit different.

The idea of marriage itself is hard to define, so I’ll just use the dictionary definition, which says, “the formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife.”

Marriage in America has become somewhat of a joke. The amount of marriages that end in divorce is ridiculous. When American men and women get married, 50 percent of them divorce. Now let’s say a divorcee tries marriage a second time—there’s a 67 percent chance that his or her second marriage will end in divorce. By the third try, the likeliness that their marriage will last is a mere 26 percent.

People who argue against gay people’s right to marry continue to mention “the sanctity of marriage.” Marriage has become laughable in the United States of America. Consider the statistics I previously mentioned. The amount of divorces in this country is outrageous. If traditional marriages aren’t being taken seriously, then why shouldn’t gay marriages be given a chance?

The only other argument I hear is that of some churches fighting against gay marriage. Their argument is legitimate since, according to their beliefs, a marriage is to be between a man and a woman. In today’s world, marriage doesn’t have anything to do with the church, though. It is an old tradition to have a marriage done by a priest or a preacher. It doesn’t affect the actual marriage, a legal union between two people, at all.

Actually, that’s not even 100 percent true. Here are just a few unusual things to which people have legitimately been married: a snake, a goat, a cat, a dolphin, a tower, a wall, an electronic program of a woman, a roller-coaster, a pillow, a doll, a clay pot and many more.

Now, if you allow a man to marry his goat because he legitimately seems to be in love with it, then why can’t two grown human men marry each other? If a woman can marry a roller-coaster that she’s in love with, then why can’t two adult women fall in love and get married?

One of my favorite clichéd sayings – although there are many variations – goes like this: “…in order to understand where we are going, we must first understand where we’ve been…” In the United States, we believe that church and state should remain two separate things. That means that no laws can be based on the beliefs of the church. The law that prevents marriage between two people of the same gender does just that. It combines church and state, undoing everything that our ancestors fought and, in some cases, gave their lives for.

You don’t have to like the fact that gay individuals have the right to marry, but as a citizen of the United States of America, it is only right to acknowledge that not allowing them to do so is unconstitutional. It goes against everything that this great country of ours stands for.

Allowing gays to marry is as American as Abraham Lincoln eating an apple pie from McDonalds whilst wearing an American flag as a cape with a bald eagle perched upon his shoulder.