Nate Titus


Sex is often thought of as a large part of social interaction at college. Well known companies such as Girls Gone Wild are partially responsible for such an image; however, TV shows and movies, as well as other forms of media, aren’t the only things contributing to this clichéd image of college.

Kenneth M. Stampp, celebrated historian and scholar was quoted saying, “With the historian it is an article of faith that knowledge of the past is a key to understanding the present.”

In looking at the past, I remember my experiences in the Alta-Aurelia Community School District. In high school I had a solid group of good friends. Being from a small town, I stuck with the same core group of guy friends pretty much the entire four years. Throughout high school, at least where I came from, during school and at school events guys and girls would interact quite a bit, but outside of school I found that people generally stuck with a group of people of the same gender.

Occasionally a girl or two might hang out with the group of guys, or vice versa. In college this immediately changed.

Within the first week of college I had already found a girl that I was great friends with, and we hung out quite a bit.

That’s not necessarily an unusual occurrence.

I have spoken with many other men and they have experienced situations similar to mine. They have a female friend with whom they have no sexual agenda.

I can confidently speak for the majority of my fellow male peers when I say this: every man, especially those 18-24, thinks about sex in some form, to some extent, a majority of the time.

We can be completely focused on a paper we’re writing for economics, but at the same time be thinking about the girl who sits next to us in economics class. This is also the reason that men have seemingly no ability to multi-task. We can multi-task, because we already are. We’re thinking about whatever we’re doing as well as the girl we see in the hall between our noon  and one o’clock class.

So you see, when you look at college, it often involves sex, but it’s not because sexual things are happening 24/7. It’s because the age where our minds are most sexually active happens to be the age of the average college student.

We didn’t think about sex as often in high school because we were too busy having fun with old friends, but in college we have all the time in the world and an entire new world of people to meet.