Freshman initiation banned by students


Augie History

The student body swung into action at its first meeting this year with an almost unanimously passed resolution banning freshman initiation, both formal and informal.

The voting supported a similar resolution passed at the final meeting of the upperclassmen last year, at which the no-initiation movement received the support of the majority of students after a heated discussion.

Edward Nervig, senior student body president from Canton, asked that the no-initiation ruling be given fair trial on the campus this year. The new policy is in keeping with the increasing tendency during recent years for colleges and universities to abolish the customary initiation activities which have often culminated in unwise hazing.

In filling campus vacancies, the student association elected Melvern Halvorson, junior from Astoria, as business manager of the EDDA, college yearbook. The office was left vacant when Lores Waller, Loyalton, did not return for the fall semester. Business manager of the Mirror until his election to the new post, Halverson will assist Georgia Reed, Sioux Falls, editor of the EDDA.

At a recent meeting of the executive council following the student body meeting, Wayne Shoemaker, Sioux Falls, and Leonard Lee, Volga, both juniors, were nominated co-business managers of the Mirror to fill the vacancy left by Halverson’s resignation. Margaret Hofstad, Sioux Falls junior, was elevated to the chairmanship of the social board, a post left vacant by the absence of Margaret Schnaidt, who transferred to the University of Texas this term.


Sept. 20, 1937

The Augustana Mirror