For the love of blog: “Iowa Girl Eats”


As a college student, I spend all my free time reading my textbooks and doing early preparation for projects and tests. Pinterest never makes an appearance.

But sometimes, when I need a highlighting break, I check out some blogs I’ve found from the previously mentioned Pinterest.

(What I did before Pinterest is clearly beyond me.)

One of my favorite blogs is “Iowa Girl Eats.” I’m a Minnesota girl myself, but I hold no judgment toward Kristin, the twenty-something author of a blog focused on important aspects of living life to the fullest: eat well, run often, travel far.

Kristin is not some workout junkie with a thousand different ab exercises or a professional chef with hard-to-follow recipes. She is a normal, Iowa-raised, farmer’s-market-lover, dessert-eating wife and new mother, who just happens to post adorable pictures of her baby son, Lincoln.

Desserts and babies. It’s a win-win.

Her blog is very easy to navigate as well. A variety of tabs at the top help to find different themes, and her recipe box organization is incredible. You can search by main ingredient, course, dessert type or cooking method. She even includes helpful how-to’s, such as how to cut a pineapple.

Her writing is witty and easy to relate to, and her photos are fun, colorful, and professional looking. With pictures to go along with the recipe instructions, I believe even my kitchen inept roommates could figure out how to boil spaghetti or fry an egg.

A recent post included a Peach-a-Berry Cobbler that I cannot wait to make; it highlights fall’s fresh peaches and blueberries. Before that, in late August, she posted a recipe for a three-cheese skillet lasagna that would be perfect for a girl’s pasta and wine night. You could make the cobbler for dessert.

However, my all-time favorite discovery on “Iowa Girl Eats” is her Green Monster Smoothie. She hides a few cups of spinach into an Elvis-inspired banana, honey and peanut butter smoothie that is delicious and secretly healthy. Seriously, you won’t taste the greens. It’s my favorite breakfast or post-workout smoothie.

While you’re there, check out Kristin’s travel photos and blogs. She has fun photos of trips to Minneapolis, New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Rome. Her blog even includes great travel tips and top must-sees.

Even if you’re afraid of the kitchen or aren’t planning a trip anywhere soon, check out Kristin’s blog to live vicariously through her. Plus, you can see her cutie patootie little baby. What’s not to love?