Those who say they don’t like Twitter generally mean they don’t like the people they follow. Twitter allows millions of users to create little 140-character microblogs to share their experiences.

With such a variety of users, Twitter acts as a forum for people to exchange ideas and opinions, and yes, it also functions as a means to vent about homework or document trips to Walmart. But Twitter has something for everyone, and here are 5 tweeters that might make you consider giving Twitter a second chance:

Julieanne Smolinski (@BoobsRadley)—Writer for HBO’s Girls, NY Magazine, GQ, Vulture and various online articles, Smolinski’s deadpan, sexual humor makes 140 characters some of the funniest material out there.

Best tweet: “Overalls are great because what other clothes allow you to drive men crazy with your body while drinking a juice box with no hands?”

Madeleine Albright (@Madeleine)—If the 76-year-old former Secretary of State isn’t too old or too cool for Twitter, no one is. The best part of Albright’s feed, still less than a week old, is her bio that reads “Grateful American Czech immigrant, mother & grandmother, fmr SecState, passionate democrat, author, prof, bizwoman, pin collector & occasional drummer.” Still waiting on a tweet about drums.

AugieConfess (@Augiecon)—Parental advisory: explicit content. Twitter feeds like AugieConfess are the lowest, most base form of entertainment, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t entertaining. If Twitter is a forum for everyone, it’s not going to be devoid of dumb material. AugieConfess gives voice to an anonymous Augustana population who needs an outlet for its alcoholism and sexual frustration.

Mark Ragan (@MarkRaganCEO)—On the complete opposite side of the spectrum from @augiecon, Mark Ragan uses Twitter to share business articles relating to the PR industry, building a strong resume and journalism. Similar CEOs tweet from all types of companies, so Twitter can provide a Mark Ragan-type in every industry for those who want to use Twitter to further their professional career.

David Montgomery (@ArgusMontgomery)—Political reporter for the Sioux Falls Argus Leader, Montgomery covers all areas of local government. His tweets (often linking to his successful political blog, Political Smokeout) inform readers of both the important and the weird happenings in politics, and they serve as a reminder that local politics are, indeed, important.