There must be one time in your life when you get to travel somewhere else: out of town, out of state or out of the country. Traveling can be fun but can also be a hassle, from planning where to go to figuring out what 28 degrees Celsius is in Fahrenheit.

Fortunately for you smartphone users, traveling can be made easier with these five apps:

Free Wi-Fi Finder does just what it says; it finds free Wi-Fi spots near you. Even better, this app provides information about free Wi-Fi spots around the world just by typing in the name of the location.

If you have downloaded a copy of this hotspot database on the “more” menu, you can use Free Wi-Fi Finder even when you are not connected to the Internet. This app is also free, and it is perfect if you do not want to miss the free opportunity to show off your trip to your Facebook friends.

Viber, a cross-platform messaging app that connects any type of smartphone, keeps you connected with your family and friends across the world. This app allows you to send messages and call any Viber”user for free as long as you are connected to the Internet. Now you can call and tell your worried mom and dad about your trip without frustration over data roaming.

But what about figuring out the metric system, Celsius and the exchange rate? Converter Plus should be everyone’s favorite app to travel abroad.

Converter Plus not only provides the usual conversions such as currency, temperature, length and mass, but it also gives you the options of travel-related and non-related conversions, such as a gas calculator, a tip calculator and a Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation.

For you spontaneous-spirited travelers, Foursquare is an app that you need to have. Forget to plan earlier and now you are figuring out where to eat or shop in your area? Just type in what are you looking for and Foursquare will give you a list that you can filter as you wish.

Besides being a social media that scores you points when you check in at places, you can also find reviews and popular attractions in your area with Foursquare. On top of that, this app shows places where you can get discounts and deals as a Foursquare user.

Language and cultural barriers can be a big problem when you travel to abroad. Triplingo does not only work as a translator: it also functions as a culture teacher as well.

As a translator, Triplingo gives you translations for formal, casual and slang ways of speaking. You must keep in mind that this app is only meant for basic sentences unless it has complex sentences ready for you.

Triplingo also has a culture tab on its menu bar that provides information about the country and its general etiquette, safety, music and pop culture as well as travel tips and a dining guide. Thanks to this app, you can say goodbye to culture shock.

Triplingo is free the first time you download it, however you have to pay extra if you want to have more access to its travel situations, flashcards and its “specific phrases” feature.

Now pack your phone and go travel places. With these five essential travel apps downloaded on your phone, you are ready to travel smart with your smartphone. Just do not forget to bring your charger and power bank along with you.