Finding faith through finding independence

Ruth Young


I have always been a homebody; I love being able to come back to my familiar home after a long day at school where people were mean and tests were hard.

I also enjoy traveling and seeing some of the amazing people and places in the world, even with some of the heartbreaking aspects of the world we live in.

Throughout high school, my sense of adventure grew stronger than my longing to be home.

Last summer, I found the college of my dreams; one that is Lutheran, has an American Sign Language (ASL) program, and is away from home. But I never realized just how far away 1,500 miles physically is until my mom dropped me off at the end of August. I found out how far away Washington state is from Sioux Falls after driving all that way. Trust me, it is far.

But within the first couple days I realized on a deeper level just how far away I was from the home I grew up in and the family I love. It hit me the first time I went to Sunday morning worship.

I walked into the chapel and found a place to sit by myself in the back. That Sunday had been the first time that I had ever been to church without knowing a single person. My church at home was, and still is, very important to me, and I still consider it my second home.

Despite the people surrounding me, I found myself lonely. I felt my eyes fill up with tears as I sung the songs that I had sung for years with people I loved surrounding me. But at that moment, I remembered why I had chosen to come to Augie to come to instead of staying closer to home.

After my junior year in high school I became frustrated with my college search because I knew exactly what I wanted, but I could not find a college that fit those credentials. At my wits end, I found myself relapsing in my faith and praying to God that I would find a college that fit what I thought would make up my perfect school.

Days later, I found Augie. The school that would help me grow to be more independent. It was, and still is, as close to perfect as any college could ever be.

Just over two months later, I find myself working at the place that first brought me to tears, and living my life in an even deeper set faith. After following God all the way to South Dakota, I have found a new sense of trust in the promise of God’s word.

There are still days I long to be back in my own bed and see the familiar faces I have grown up with and trusted for so many years. Until that day, I will live in the promise that God is with me through all the good and the bad that college has to offer, along with His promise to continue to be with me all of my life.