Election Update: After final debate, the decision is left to voters



The last of three presidential debates has finally occurred and the polls are showing that either candidate could win it all. The final debate was focused around foreign policy and both candidates brought up interesting points in their arguments.

Gov. Mitt Romney started off the night by discussing the last time he and President Barack Obama met during the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner, which was a more comical event, and noted that this debate would be much different. Romney proved this by coming out strong and attacking Obama’s foreign policy by criticizing his comment to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev about having more freedom with Russia after the election and his failure to visit America’s greatest ally in the Middle East—Israel.

Obama accused Romney of promoting a foreign policy that is “all over the map” and said that “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back.”

Romney and Obama debated topics ranging from the crises in the Middle East to China and Russia. One of the most quoted statements on Twitter came when Romney compared the amount of ships America possessed in the 1920s to now, to which Obama responded that we had more horses and bayonets then, too.

It was a heated debate where each candidate hoped to sway America’s undecided voters in the final stages of the election.

In the last few weeks, former Gov. Romney has edged up in the polls, causing the Obama team to sweat a little heavier. The race will ultimately be decided in swing states such as Iowa, where both candidates were seen campaigning in the past week.

Romney’s biggest obstacle will be reaching minority voters who generally side with Obama and women who have strongly sided with the current president, according to past polls.

The center of the election rests mainly on the issue of the economy. Each candidate has accused the other of offering plans that do little to help America or no plan at all.

Obama and Romney strongly disagree on the best method to heal the American economy. Romney believes that deregulating the private sector and allowing them to flourish is the best method, while Obama believes that more regulations are required to prevent catastrophes such as the recession from occurring again.

I was in high school when the 2008 election occurred and while watching the Democrat primaries I thought that Obama was the best candidate from that party. He brought such zeal into the race, inspired feelings of hope and was a different candidate than what America was used to. I no longer see the candidate that won that election, but a man that is desperately asking for four more years to achieve the goals that he brought into office.

Romney is not a perfect candidate, but for many he is the lesser of two evils and deserves a chance to rectify the wrongs of the past four years.

Each candidate believes that his ideas are the best for our great nation. The people now have the chance to choose what they believe is the best path for America.

The race is going to be tight, but the important thing is that everyone goes out and votes. Regardless of what you think, each vote counts.