Dumbledore’s Army devotes club to boy wizard



Even after the books and movies have concluded, fans of the Harry Potter franchise are still dedicating their time to the famous boy wizard.

Augustana senior Maddie Spalding is one such fan. After studying abroad at the University of Roehamption in London, England and witnessing their Hogwarts Society, Spalding decided to replicate the idea at Augustana.

“I read the books as a child,” Spalding said. “I even bought the British English version of the books.”

Dumbledore’s Army, previously named the Augustana Hogwarts Society, debuted at this year’s activities fair, during which 27 students signed up to become members. The number may increase to as many as 50 pending responses.

Spalding intends Dumbledore’s Army to be a casual association, based around fun activities for friends to do together. Numerous ideas are already in the works for the future, including a Horcrux Scavenger Hunt, Harry Potter dress-up for the Halloween dance and Quidditch on the green. Plans for the reproduction of food and drink from the book series like butterbeer, pretzel wands and chocolate frogs are also being considered.

The group also plans to spend time watching the eight Potter films and “A Very Potter Musical,” a musical parody of the book series.

“It’s kind of a de-stressor, a break from homework,” Spalding said.

“When you reference Harry Potter and nobody gets it, it’s awful,” Chi Ngo, a founding member of the Army, said.“It’s a good way to get people with common interests together.”

Ngo is a dedicated fan of the Harry Potter books. “I grew up with it,” she said. “I started at age 11. I can’t describe it, it’s just awesome.”

Potential members of Dumbledore’s Army are encouraged to email Maddie Spalding at mrspalding09@ole.augie.edu, or join the Dumbledore’s Army Facebook group. The Facebook page is updated with info on activities and meeting times, the next of which will be Monday, Sept. 24 in Siverson Lounge at 7 p.m.