Drop the gloss, grab lipstick




If you think your lip gloss is poppin’, you may have overlooked the ladies in lipstick.

In an attempt to bring back the matte lipstick that many of us only associate with our grandmother’s make-up drawer, the spring 2013 catwalks are getting lippy.

Bright, bold and beautiful barley begin to describe the colors that are being seen on the lips of many.

Senior Christina Olson has been spotted with a pretty pout on many occasions.

Her thick-rimmed, prescription glasses prevent her eye make-up from being seen. To bump up her pared-back look, her sister suggested lipstick. Olson fell in love with the trend.

Olson doesn’t think lipstick is only for ladies’ night or a date with that special someone. Instead she believes “lipstick is all about confidence.”

“I love to wear lipstick because it makes me feel great throughout the entire day,” Olson said. “I think it shows that I am confident enough to wear it, plus it gives me a confidence boost when I leave for class in the morning.”

The spring colors range from bright, neon orange to smooth, velvety shades of purple. The bolder the better and lippier it gets.

Olson loves lipstick because it comes in so many shades, and there is always a color that fits her exact mood.

“My favorite color to wear is red,” Olson said. “I have a couple different shades that are my favorite. I also wear some pink when red doesn’t quite go with what I am wearing. I love trying new colors and finding styles that fit those colors the best. It is definitely what I buy the most when looking at new make-up.”

Freshman Emily Anderson also goes loco for lipstick. It is her go-to when she is feeling fun and flirty. And as women it’s our prerogative to feel fabulous at all times.

“Well I wear lipstick, mainly red, because it’s just so darn sassy,” Anderson said. “My favorite brand is Revlon because it’s cheap and it stays on without getting nasty chunkage and what not.”

It is time to set down the eyeliner and pick up the lipstick tube. According to make-up artist Allana Mirza in the Toronto Huffington Post, eyes are being toned down and becoming more natural in 2013 while lips are taking center stage.

Not only does this make for a bold statement, but it also also for an easy morning. It doesn’t get much better than waking up, rolling out of bed and throwing on some lipstick before heading out the door.

To maximize your lipstick look it is important to take care of your lips. Exfoliate them every so often in order to keep them hydrated. That way they’ll look healthy and smooth when you bring attention to them with your bold new color.

If you follow these suggestions, you are bound to have a perfect pout in no time.

Christina Olson