Do sweat it


As college students, we are all pretty familiar with the ever-popular sweatpants. The sweatpants and T-shirt trend is one we simultaneously love and hate.

With 8 a.m. classes, early morning meetings and sports practices, our busy schedules make sweatpants a gift from God when we wake up more tired than when we went to bed.

Sweatpants are cozy, comfortable and easy to slip on.

When I wake up five minutes before my class, sweatpants are my automatic go-to because they don’t require much thought.

On top of that, I can relax in class. With classes sometimes feeling long and tedious, why would I want to be uncomfortable as well?

When I throw on some sweats I’m saving time and making my class time more enjoyable. What’s not to love?

The answer to that is easy. Sweatpants get a bad rep.

Bum, scrub, lazy and unfashionable are just a few of the words used to describe an individual who wears sweatpants on a regular basis.

And, depending on what your day entails professionally, you may even be considered incompetent if you’re wearing sweatpants instead of dress attire.

What a conundrum.

To sweat it or not to sweat it seems to be the lurking question as you lay in bed, snoozing your alarm for the third time.

Luckily, pigs have decided to fly in the fashion world because sweatpants are in this season, and have even been seen on the runways.

It’s time to take your perfect messy bun, baggy sweats and sweatshirt look from hooligan to hip.

This trend isn’t for everyone, as some people look forward to getting up each morning and creating a fashion forward look. But for those of you who yearn for the comfort of sweatpants, yet want to stay fresh and fashionable, this trend is a blessing.

The contradiction of heels and sweatpants is the celeb way to spice up sweats. If you are a heel girl, then throw on your favorite pair of neutral-colored sweatpants and you’re ready to go.

Thinner sweats are recommended, depending on your desired look.

For a funkier look, put some colorful socks underneath a neutral color wedge, tuck in a fun T-shirt, throw on some arm candy and—bam—you’re ready to show off your new look.

If heels aren’t in your realm of comfort, feel free to pair sweats with boots or high top Converse tennis shoes. You’re basically taking an everyday outfit and replacing your usual jeans with sweatpants. Easy enough, right?

Around campus, I tend to see girls sporting yoga pants, leggings or oversized sweats. These gals are headed in the right direction. With a few tweaks to the look they already love—bada-bing, bada-boom—their look will go from nope to dope in a matter of moments.

So, in this case, it’s okay to sweat it.