Disc golf gives students a new high-flying sport



Disc golf has finally made its way to campus in the form of the Augustana Disc Golf Club.

The Disc Golf Club was created by co-presidents Troy Manley and Adam Vosburgh with intentions of bringing disc golf players of all ages and skill levels together to create friendships and increase their understanding of the sport.

“We hope to help those new to the sport learn some of the basic skills and progress from there, as well as help fine tune the skills of the experienced players,” co-president Troy Manley said.

“We would like to build a foundation within the Augustana community that will allow this club to continue to thrive throughout the years to come, bringing together disc golf enthusiasts so you always have someone to play with.”

Disc golf is essentially the game of golf being played with specially designed discs. It is a very relaxed sport that can be competitive or recreational.  This sport is a great way to get outside, enjoy some fresh air,and just deviate from the monotony of day-to-day-activities.

For beginners, this club could provide a great way to learn a new sport from a group of individuals who truly enjoy the game for all it can offer.

“I think the best part is getting outdoors and having a good time with your friends,” Manley said. “It’s relaxing and gives you some time to clear your mind and forget about other stuff going on in your life.”

The Augustana Disc Golf Club will meet on Mondays at 6:30 p.m. next to the trees west of the art building and north of the tennis courts. You can contact Manley or Vosburg for more information by via email – thmanley09@ole.augie.edu and amvosburgh09@ole.augie.edu or through the Augustana Disc Golf Club on Facebook.