Despite cold temps, crop top fever is here




There is a time and place for everything: There is a time for fun, and there is a time for games.

There is also a time for crop tops, but right now the Midwest is neither the time nor place.

Yet, it’s April; it’s time for spring showers that bring hope and happiness (and May flowers) after the bitter, cold winter months we are all-too-ready to say goodbye to.

This April, however, something is just not right.

As Mother Nature teased us with a few 50-degree days, I began to get excited about the fun, warm-weather fashion trends I could write about.

Sandals, dresses, tank tops and shorts—you name it, and I’m sure I have been daydreaming about it.

I guess I let the sun get the best of me, because before I was fully able to transition into spring mode, icepocalypse 2013 hit us hard. My eagerness must have angered Mother Nature or maybe I should just “crop it” up to global warming. Either way, one of my favorite trends of 2013—the crop top—is ready to be worn, spring or not.

For all of you Coachella music lovers, you hippy heroines or even just my fashion forward friends, it’s time to bare some skin. This spring is crazy about crops.

Not just the ones we see covering the flat prairies surrounding our small towns, but the kind we wear on our upper halves.

So when the snow decides to melt and the crops begin to call your name, don’t forget to have fun with them.

One of this spring’s trendiest looks involves the crop top paired with high-waisted denim cut off shorts, knee-high moccasins and a headscarf for a that’s-so-’70s moment.

If the ’70s isn’t your decade, there are lots of fun ways to mix and match the various types of crop tops. From bra-like tops, wild bandeaus and oversized cropped sweaters, the crop top can truly fit into anyone’s favorite clothing genre.

If you like high-waisted pencil skirts, pair a flowy crop with one to create a polished, yet comfortable look.

If skinny jeans are your daily go-to, grab a cropped sweater that gives a glimpse of skin.

You don’t have to wear a specific type of crop top to stay true to the trend.

It will be interesting to see if our spring season actually begins to change. Only time will tell.

But as you sit inside waiting for the temperature to rise and the sun to finally shine, give your spring wardrobe an update. Whether you have to treat yourself to a shopping spree, still have some crop tops from last season or decide to get creative and crop an old top yourself, experiment with some crops and see what works for you.

I guarantee, before you know it, you will be just as crazy for crops.

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