Denim nation: Not your mother’s blue jeans



Is denim dominating your wardrobe? If it’s not, it should be.

From jeans to jackets, this season’s denim can be seen on more than just your lower half.

The blue hue that has become a bottom basic in the wardrobes of many is being seen as more versatile. Whether it’s trendy prints, bold colors, studded vests, or indigo-colored dresses, it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s denim.

Denim has always been a fan favorite on the fashion map. It’s known as a durable, comfortable material that can take any look from casual to classy with just a few tweaks. But just as the seasons change, so does the way we wear denim.

This fall the that’s-so-’90s jean jacket made its comeback. The jacket has always been a classic neutral piece, but this season it’s all about styling and using the jacket as a crucial layering piece, no matter your personal style.

For all the indie grunge fashionistas, the jacket works over a tattered band t-shirt, a long flannel and some skinnies.

The boho babes can use the jacket to warm up their layered maxi dress, flowy top combo.

Perhaps the preppies would like to layer their bold button ups with a darker denim jacket to tame the chilly air.

Dark or light hue, shredded or clean cut, the versatile jacket fits into any girl or guy’s wardrobe.

Along with the jean jacket, patterned and bold colored jeans seem to be a favorite on the runway and around campus.

The hottest color of the moment is ox blood, also known as maroon or burgundy. The shade compliments the classic fall to winter color schemes we have all come to love.

Some may even go as far to say burgundy is the new black.

With bold denims, remember the basic rule of thumb: Work your way from the bottom, up. Style the rest of your outfit around your bottom half.

In my opinion, the most “out-there” denim look is denim on denim. I find that most people either love it or hate it. I definitely love it.

Those on the runway have reinvented the denim on denim look. The modern spin steers away from any ’80s denim disasters.

Instead, models can be seen wearing light denim shirts with jean shorts, or denim jackets with patterned skinnies.

With denim dominating your wardrobe, your styling creativity is full of numerous possibilities to take the trend from drab to fab.

When it comes to denim, I can go on and on. Denim comes in jackets, vests, patterns, holes, dark, light, short and cropped. The list is endless.

There is no question whether or not denim is a fashion denominator, but there is one question left.

Will you board the train at the denim nation station?