Dardis and Blue elected as ASA president and vice president






In a 47 percent student voter turnout, junior Brittany Dardis and sophomore Elliot Blue were elected to serve as ASA president and vice president for the 2014-2015 academic year.

“I was very excited about the results, junior Corrine Fritcher said. “I think Brittany and Elliot know ASA and the students so well and that they will be strong leaders.”

Both Dardis and Blue voiced strong feelings for reshaping ASA and what the senate and leadership can do.

“We really want ASA to be an approachable organization so that students can easily voice concerns, requests, contents, etc,” Dardis said. “We will need to find new ways to reach every end of the student body.”

Dardis and Blue plan to place more responsibility on the ASA senate, and to reach out more to students and faculty in order to ensure solid communication between students and the administration.

“This may entail senators storming the dorms every so often, or holding monthly forums,” Blue said.  “We also plan to bring back ‘Fireside Chats’ and want to further develop the newly released Augustana College App, adding a quick link to submit a comment with any student concerns that goes directly to ASA.”

Dardis agreed.

“I’m most excited to motivate the ASA Senators to take an active role on campus,” Dardis said. “This means talking to as many faculty, staff members and Augie students as possible, and brainstorming ways to implement the changes people want to see. I think it increases Augie’s core value of community. It’s really amazing what we can accomplish when everyone works together.”

While a new year brings exciting plans and fresh new ideas, there are also looming challenges.

“Our biggest issue we are focused on for this next year will be making ASA more transparent to both the students and administration,” Blue said. “We really want people to know what ASA is and what we can do for them.  We also want to focus on building stronger relationships between the administration and students, as well as update campus to improve the student experience.”

And the student body seems to agree.

“I voted for them, so, it was definitely something I approve of,” junior Ali Ramsley said. “I felt they had the experience and skills necessary for successfully running our student government.”

For the outgoing ASA president and vice president, seniors Matt Anderson and Krista Youngberg, respectively, transitioning out of their positions of leadership has been both exciting and bittersweet.

“I am also incredibly proud of the work that the senate has accomplished this year,” Anderson said. “It is exciting to see so many people who are passionate about Augustana working hard every day to make this community even better. I can’t wait to see what ASA is able to do next year.”

Youngberg offered her own guidance to the electees.

“For Elliot and Brittany, I want them to know that the position that they are now in is not about themselves,” Youngberg said. “It is about serving the student body. They have a great senate behind them, and they are now in a position to formally pass on concerns from the student body. Other advice would be to have specific goals that you want to meet.”

In addition, 30 percent of the student body participated in this year’s ASA senatorial elections.

The new ASA candidates will be inaugurated Monday, April 28, 10:00 a.m. in the Chapel.