The new Minnesota Vikings stadium will seat approximately 65,000 fans. The Augustana Vikings’ Kirkeby-Over Stadium is often filled with 3,500 fans. But last weekend’s Augustana’s women soccer game at Morstad Field had less than 100 people in attendance, and only an estimate of 10 Augustana students.

My question to the Augustana community is: Where were you?

At Augustana, we pride ourselves on community, a core value of our school. We paint our bodies for football and volleyball games, we tailgate, we dress up in themes, we go to the extremes for pastimes we know how to cheer for.

Soccer should be the same way, not to mention cross country, rugby or the men’s soccer club. And that’s just for the fall sports. Men and women’s golf is a little different. They might not like our hooting and hollering when shooting for under par, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to share our support.

These athletes put in hours of hard work and sweat at practices to be able to put on Viking colors and represent our school on the field. They deserve our support when they are trying to win for our college.

Check out, the Augie Mirror or the Augustana Vikings’ Twitter account (@GoAugie) to stay aware of how the teams are doing this year. Browse the calendars to see which games you could attend. Body paint isn’t required; your presence is enough.

This goes for all of the Augustana community. Show your support for theatre by going to a play at least once this year. Check out Recreational Service’s Late Nights or intramurals. Go enjoy a band or choir concert when they perform. The hours of practices, rehearsals, scheduling, hard work and struggles are made worth it when friends and students appreciate all they’ve put into the performance or event.

Go. Enjoy. Tell them good job.

I’ll admit I don’t know much about soccer in the first place, but it’s fun to stand out in the sunshine, the fall leaves changing in the background, and watch friends and fellow students doing what they love at Morstad Field.

It’s not hard to throw out a “Let’s go Vikings!” or “Come on, gold!” every once in a while.

And seeing the girls’ excitement when they scored their second goal of the game in overtime on Saturday to win sure made me proud to be an Augustana Viking.