Collegiate, Angelus return to three-day rehearsals




Next semester, Collegiate Chorale and Angelus are scaling back their rehearsal times from four days per week to three.

In past years, both choirs rehearsed only Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This year, an additional rehearsal was added on Tuesday.

For the past two semesters, the added Tuesday rehearsal created a busier schedule that often cut into class time for students.  This in turn negatively influenced the enrollment rate in the various choirs, according to chair of the music department, Scott Johnson.

While there were 136 students involved with Augustana’s choral program preceding the move to four rehearsal times a week. That number dropped to 124 in the fall of 2013, and again to 119 in the spring of 2014.

However, with a proposed rehearsal date change, this downward dip in enrollment is hopefully to change, Johnson said.

Choirs previously met three days a week in order to limit their cutting into students’ day to day studies.

Johnson says that the return to thrice weekly rehearsals will be a “… correction of a decision made last year.”

Johnson said he hopes that returning to only three rehearsals a week will bolster the ranks of the choir by allowing more students to join without worrying about academic conflicts.

This change has already excited students like Natalie LeVan, a freshman and current member of the Collegiate Chorale.

LeVan said before the change, “my choir met at noon four days a week, but now I’ll be able to have lunch again on Tuesdays and Thursdays.”