Channel Macklemore: Go thrift shopping





“I’m gonna pop some tags / Only got twenty dollars in my pocket / I, I, I’m hunting, looking for a come-up / This is [sic] awesome.”

Growing up with two sisters and a mom, fashion has been a top priority. Whether we are fighting over who stole what or discussing our favorite trends, clothes tend to consume our conversations.

Poor dad. He’s always seemingly on the outs since he is the only boy in our family. I can’t even tell you how many times dad’s opinion has been rejected when asked, “Which shoes go better?” Time and time again he has been offended by the line, “It’s just dad; what does he know about fashion anyway?”

Yet, for some reason I have always been intrigued by my father’s closet, even though he knows nothing about style. Oh the mystery that lies in his oversized wool sweaters and busy plaid button-ups that smell of musty men’s cologne. Not to mention the eye-popping allure of his collection of ’80s gear.

For the longest time I considered myself to be lucky since I was the oldest and never had to deal with worn out hand-me-downs or sharing clothes with anyone. But I couldn’t help myself from stealing my dad’s old collegiate sweatshirts and an oversized J. Crew jacket that he rocked in the early ’90s.

All of a sudden I realized his oldies had become my goodies and were consuming more of my closet than my own clothes. I loved the uniqueness his vintage clothes brought to my wardrobe, not to mention the wonders stealing from his closet did for my wallet.

After I obtained all the awesome from my dad’s closet, I realized thrift shopping was the next step.

Here’s where Macklemore comes in.

I took my dad’s style. Macklemore, on the other hand, took your granddad’s. After searching the Internet I realized thrifting is becoming the “it” thing to do.

Especially for college kids, buying clothes on a budget can get pretty tough. But I found this site called that shows people modeling their best thrift shop finds in hope they will win the monthly contest the site puts on. They are all expensive looks for inexpensive prices. Now what’s not to love about that?

Among my search results, I also stumbled upon the “Thrift shop challenge” based off of Macklemore’s song, “Thrift Shop.” Since he performs here in less than three weeks, I thought it was the perfect challenge to prepare for his arrival.

The name of the game is self-explanatory and the rules are simple. The challenge is as follows: Put $20 in your pocket. Go to a thrift shop of your choice. Take a picture of yourself in front of the store with your $20. Then enter the store and spend your money anyway you’d like, but make sure to photograph your spoils.

Lastly, make Macklemore proud and take a picture wearing an item that references the song.

Because who wants to spend $50 for a t-shirt?