You won’t see Catholics campaigning for pope, but that doesn’t mean they’re not paying attention.

Benedict XVI has hung up his mitre and retired his red Prada shoes, leaving a void felt across the Catholic community.

Now more than ever, Catholics need a leader that can connect the tenets of the faith with modern society. As society trends toward secularism, the traditional practices of Catholicism can’t help but seem old fashioned.

But I think we’ve lost sight of the values of a traditional institution. Society places so much emphasis on making sure our every whim is satisfied. We lose sight of the value of good old-fashioned discipline.

Benedict XVI exemplified discipline as he battled the constant criticisms of the Catholic church. He recognized that we need a leader who can explain the true value of beliefs and practices that can be traced back thousands of years, and his retirement demonstrates the utmost humility.

When he saw himself as unfit to provide the church with the charismatic leadership needed, he stepped down. Not many people in such highly respected positions can be credited with this level of sacrifice.

In looking for a new pope, Catholics need someone who can stand up to popular culture and challenge the misplaced priorities of our generation.

We need someone who can prove to the rest of the world that Catholics aren’t going anywhere. Our traditions have lasted longer than any other Christian religion, and we will not be brought down by misperceptions of Catholic beliefs.

The new pope needs to fight for the Catholic beliefs of faith, hope and charity. The importance of discipline, sacrifice and humility cannot stand to be lost amid instant gratification.