Campus survey: interest in baseball continues

Augie History

Originally published

April 4, 1949 in The Augustana Mirror


Interest in an Augustana baseball team continued to grow this week. Of the six people interviewed, all seemed to be of one opinion—“Let’s play baseball, Augustana!”

Here are the results of this week’s interviews:

Charles Jarratt, fr.: Two years Legion experience and two years with the Canistota infield in the Cornbelt Conference league. “For the fellows who aren’t track stars I think baseball would be an appropriate spring sport.”

Dick Ruthenbeck, fr.: One year town team experience at Tracy, Minn. “I think baseball would be an excellent sport for spring at Augie. It would also help a person to get in league teams during the summer months.”

Bob Meerdink, soph.: Two years high school and several independent teams. “As much success as Augie has had in football, basketball and track, I think baseball should be included in the curriculum. With the unlimited number of good athletes available for baseball, I think it could be made another one of Augie’s successful major sports.”

Vic Holm, soph.: Two years high school experience. “From watching kittenball games and these prospective pitchers throwing constantly, I believe we could have a pretty good team. There seems to be a lot of talent fro baseball that other sports have failed to develop.”

LeRoy Stern, fr.: Three years experience with Clayton in southeastern South Dakota league. “Baseball being a major sport and with all the enthusiasm here at Augustana, I believe it would be a good idea to have a team.”

Jerry Brandts, soph.: High school baseball at Orange City, Ia. “I think Augie should play baseball.”


Overheard at a basketball game:

He: “See that fellow that just went into the game? He’s going to be our best man next year.”

She: “Oh, darling, this is so sudden!”