Campus thefts, assaults disturb campus community in past week


On Wednesday, April 17, students received an email from campus safety regarding suspicious subjects on campus.

The first was a black male who was seen Monday in faculty offices in the GSC and the Humanities. The second was a subject who had gotten access into the underground tunnel system through one of two unlocked doors. A Campus Safety officer discovered one of the open doors and, while patrolling the system, was assaulted by the suspect with a large, blunt object.

“Once you’re in, there are several ways you can exit through various emergency exits, but getting in is the challenge,” head of Campus Safety Rick Tupper said. “Right now we don’t have an answer for that.”

The officer suffered a head injury, but was not hospitalized. Coordinating with the Madison, S.D. police, Campus Safety has confirmed that the two incidences were different subjects as the first was seen in Madison the evening of the assault.

Not mentioned in the email is a different suspect known to a few students who have had their laptops stolen from their dorm rooms.

“It was on my bed, and we left for dinner and came back to check my email and my laptop and charger were gone,” freshman Ian Rutherford, a Solberg resident, said. “We were only gone for 45 minutes.”

Rutherford luckily has the “My iPhone” app which syncs his iPhone and MacBook on a cloud system that can locate one if it goes missing. So far, he hasn’t had any luck because no has used his computer yet.

“Lock your doors no matter what!” Rutherford said. Tupper echoed this statement.

“Unfortunately, sometimes people get in [dorms] who aren’t supposed to get in. If you see anybody suspicious, just call us. We could have done more work if we had known immediately.”

More details to come in next week’s issue.