Student organizations next to feel financial strain for 2013-2014


Augustana Student Association (ASA) has made the decision to tighten the strings a bit this year in order to avoid fiscal issues.

“We’ve just been much more conservative in the numbers this year,” ASA treasurer Kyle Mielke said.

Last year, ASA put $15-16,000 dollars into helping subsidize the Wi-Fi going in the student dorms, and therefore, “we’re dealing with that much less this year,” Mielke said.

“The ASA is responding in a quite responsible and appropriate fashion in preparation for next year,” said Jim Bies, Dean of Students and ASA advisor. The ASA Budget is also taking a hit because it is funded as a percentage of enrollment fees, which are projected to be down for next year.

Mielke is currently holding budget meetings to determine the funding that is to be given to student groups. According to Bies, of the $208,000 ASA had budgeted for 2012-2013, less than three percent went to fund ASA, who doled out the remaining 97 percent to student groups and organizations.

“When your pot is a little smaller and you have more hands trying to grab out of that pot, you must be a little more conservative,” Mielke said.