Campus gets a leg up on trend

Megan Wendt

A walk across Augustana’s campus often provides a glimpse of at least one individual sporting leggings. These colorful, skin tight articles of clothing seem to be increasing in popularity among college women.

The garments, which used to be worn strictly in conjunction with dresses and skirts, are now being worn as pants by themselves. Comfort seems to be a main reason for this shift in function.

Junior Kilee Kading sites comfort as one of the top reasons she chooses to wear leggings.

“I wear leggings on a daily basis,” she said. “I usually throw them on for class as an easy way to be comfortable though out a busy day.” One of her favorite ensembles includes leggings and an oversized sweatshirt or tunic with her pink Uggs.

Kading is not alone as she raves about the comfort of leggings. Junior Kadyn Wittman said they provide a stylish alternative to other comfy clothing.

“I began to wear them mostly because I hated sweats, but loved being comfortable,” Wittman said. “Leggings seemed like they encompassed the ability to be both trendy and comfortable.”

The trendiness Wittman mentioned is a second quality that draws many people to leggings.

Women often enjoy the ability to mix and match their clothing. In addition to comfort, Kading enjoys the versatility that leggings offer. “I can wear them with just about anything in my closet,” she said.

Junior Kaycee Michael also admires the flexibility leggings add to a wardrobe. “You can sleep in them, you can exercise in them and they look cute,” she said. When Michael wears them for dressier occasions she often combines them with a long tunic.

Junior Brooke Walker said she typically uses leggings for less formal occasions, such as working out or lounging in the dorms. “Unless they are dressed up or worn under a dress or long shirt for runs to the grocery store I really don’t wear my leggings outside of campus,” she said.

Although this winter hasn’t provided the typical sub-zero temperatures we normally experience in South Dakota, one has to wonder whether leggings can really be suitable for all seasons of the year. After all, they are spotted throughout campus year round.

Michael said leggings are not always ideal for frigid winters. She recommends wearing leggings during the spring and fall when the weather isn’t too hot or too cool. She also suggests using them as an extra layer beneath a pair of jeans during the winter months. “Often times I wear them as an article of long underwear,” Michael said.

Kading says leggings are a great option when wearing dresses in the winter time. Although they may not provide ideal warmth, leggings do provide a slight barrier between your skin and the chilly air.

For those of us who have yet to break into the legging trend these ladies provide nothing but positive feedback.

Kading said she usually wears a pair of leggings every single day of the week, though the amount of time she spends in them from day to day varies. She highly recommends them to others and considers them “a girl’s best friend.”

However, the trend is not strictly limited to women.

Though leggings aren’t nearly as common among men at Augustana as they are among women, men throughout the country are growing more accustomed to them. Wittman recommends them to both men and women alike.

“I really think everyone should wear leggings, and if you don’t you are missing out,” Wittman said.

Michael suggests considering the qualities that make this new addition to the pants family so appealing when deciding if they are an appropriate addition to your wardrobe.

“I definitely recommend them to anyone who likes versatility and comfort in their wardrobe,” Michael said.