The Augie Bike Club repair shop opens for the first time this spring

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For some students, the annual spring melt predictably marks the end of winter.  For the Augie Bike Club, spring signals the start of cycling season and the opening of the Augie Bike Shop.

Located in the rec room in the basement of Solberg Hall, the Augie Bike Shop was founded by senior Dane Schroeder and sophomore Elliot Blue, also co-presidents of Augustana Bike Club.  The shop was conceived as a club project early in the year, but has only recently been fully realized.

“The bike shop has been a work in progress,” Blue said. “The shop officially opened the week before spring break, but we hope to have a more formal ‘ribbon cutting’ later on in the spring.”

The Augie Bike Shop gives students (and faculty members) a place to come and have a volunteer fix any problem with their bicycles, or work on it themselves.  During the winter months, it serves as a storage center for both Augie Green bicycles as well as students’ bikes.  The shop also serves as the meeting place for the Augustana Bike Club.

The Augustana Bike Club was established in fall 2013, and has quickly gained members and prominence throughout campus.  The group currently has 55 members, and its weekly bike rides last semester were well-attended.

Both Blue and Schroeder each envisioned the bike club individually before finally deciding to collaborate.

“The idea for starting a bike club at Augustana was in both of our minds for a little while, but neither of us really thought about going for it until we realized we shared the idea while on tour with the choir last year in Europe,” Blue said.

In addition to providing opportunities for students to fix any bike problems that may arise, the club is focused on getting students more active in riding bikes around campus.

“We will be doing bi-weekly rides every other weekend, where we will be biking around Sioux Falls,” Shcroeder said. “The club also has a monthly meeting to make sure we are making Augie into a bike-friendly community.”

In addition to their  monthly meetings and rides around Sioux Falls. the Augustana Bike Club participates in service projects throughout the year.

“This semester we will have a service project where we will be gathering abandoned bikes that have been left at campus,” Schroeder said. “We will then bring these bikes to the Center of Hope ministries, who will try to salvage bikes. Elliot and I plan on taking a few bikes as well to fix and try to provide students with a new bike.”

Overall, Blue and Schroeder hope that the Augustana Bike Club and the new shop will continue to encourage cycling among the student body.

“We feel that the shop will provide a great benefit to those biking around campus as well as helping to build interest in the bike club and club membership,” Blue said.

For more information on the Augie Bike Club and the Bike Shop, email or find the Augustana Bike Club on Facebook.  “The Bike Shop is open from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. every Monday and 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. every Thursday,” Schroeder said.