Bowling for the better



This past Tuesday, all the lanes at the 35th and Spring Ave. Suburban Bowl were filled up with people wearing pink from head-to-toe. The first 250 students at the “Bowling for Boobs” event bowled for free.

Augustana’s Colleges Against Cancer and UBG co-hosted the event as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

Advertisements encouraged students to wear as much pink as possible to support breast cancer awareness month and come out and bowl to help “save second base.”

This is the third time Colleges Against Cancer arranged the event which attracts a large number of students.

“We had about 170 people last year,” Stephanie Larson, president of Colleges Against Cancer, said. “We wanted at least that many this year.”

Students were promised a variety of prizes, ranging from gift cards to t-shirts, for various reasons including having their whole team dressed up in pink or having the highest final score.

“This time, we are focusing more on awareness, not so much fundraising,” Larson said. “But we were accepting donations at the door and selling pink t-shirts.”

Colleges Against Cancer plans several events throughout the year, all of which focus on fighting cancer and promoting awareness.

“We have a health week coming up in November,” Larson said, explaining that there will be various events going on during that week to promote cancer awareness, detection and a healthier lifestyle.