Big-name hopes for midwest music festival


Although it didn’t reappear in 2012, tickets for the 2013 comeback of the Kanrocksas music festival are currently up for “Early Bird” pre-order.

At its debut in 2011, the Kansas City, Kan., music festival took place on Aug. 5 and 6 at the Kansas Speedway. The two-day festival featured a spectrum of big-name artists, spanning from Eminem and Kid Cudi to The Flaming Lips and Ellie Goulding.

The venue is approximately a six-hour drive from Augustana, comfortable for a weekend trip.

Senior Erin Schoenbeck were in attendance at the original Kanrocksas.

“I realize that the name is a little lame for the music festival, but it was honestly the best weekend of my summer junior year,” Schoenbeck said. “I was able to dance on stage with the Flaming Lips and hang out backstage with the entire band.”

The festival didn’t occur in 2012 due to renovation of the fest’s turf, but according to Kanrocksas’s official website the 2013 Kanrocksas will take place on June 28 and 29, promising “added amenities and trending technological features.”

The 2013 lineup has not been announced, and is most likely still in development. Considering the big names that played during the festival’s first year, expectations are high.

The “Early Bird” festival tickets are $125, and the price is set to increase gradually over time. Eventually, general sale tickets will be $190 for the two days.

Information regarding tickets and other aspects of Kanrocksas are available at the fest’s website,

“If you have the chance, go,” Schoenbeck says. “Kanrocksas is an epic experience that I will never forget.”


Ellie Goulding performing at the first Kanrocksas on August 5, 2011.