This year marks another hard-earned high rank for Augustana based on academic and athletic success. Augustana has been ranked eighth among all Division II schools and eighty-fifth in the nation. There are 1,066 ranked universities in the United States.

“85th out of 1,066, that’s pretty impressive,” director of athletics Bill Gross said.

This is not a first for Augustana, having been ranked in the top 100 consistently for the past few years. Last year, Augustana was ranked fourth in D-II and twenty-eighth in the nation.

The organization that determines the ranks is known as the National Collegiate Scouting Association (NCSA).

“NCSA is an organization that athletes and their parents work with to discover and choose which school they would like to attend,” Gross said.

There are three factors influencing the NCSA ranking system, including the U.S. News rank, the graduate rate rank and the Director’s Cup rank. This year, Duke University in Durham, N.C. is ranked number one by the NCSA.

“Augustana is ranked higher than many Division I schools, including the University of Minnesota,” Gross said. “That is something that we can be proud of.”

Many of the athletic faculty at Augustana recognize the limited size of the student body, though it doesn’t detract from the ability to compete with larger schools like the University of New Hampshire and the University of Maryland (both ranked lower than Augustana).

Augustana’s high rank on the NCSA website is something next year’s incoming students will see when deciding which college to attend.

“It is important that Augustana is ranked high, so that other students and their parents can see how excellent our academics and athletics really are,” Gross said.