Augustana welcomed another world dignitary this week when Luxembourgian ambassador Jean-Louis Wolzfeld spoke at the annual government department banquet Thursday.

Wolzfeld, currently Luxembourg’s ambassador to the United States, has previously held ambassadorships in Italy, Great Britain and Japan. Between these appointments, he also served as Luxembourg’s director of foreign affairs and the country’s permanent representative to the United Nations.

Wolzfeld is a former colleague of Augustana government and international affairs professor Joseph Dondelinger, also a Luxembourg native. The two men met while serving as part of their home country’s Mission to the United Nations in the early 1980s.

“He (Wolzfeld) is a gentleman who has held ambassadorships in Tokyo, in Rome, in London and an ambassadorship to the United Nations,” Dondelinger said in an interview earlier this week. “With that comes a great deal of experience in different parts of the world.”

Wolzfeld’s invitation to Augustana was largely happenstantial.  Dondelinger had contacted the Luxembourg Embassy in order to facilitate a gift to the country’s military museum and was eventually able to make contact with the ambassador.

According to Dondelinger, Wolzfeld’s acumen in foreign affairs makes him well-suited to speak to Augustana’s current crop of government majors, which encompasses  students from places as disparate as Tunisia and South Dakota.

Wolzfeld’s visit to Sioux Falls also included a meeting with Augustana President Rob Oliver, whose grandfather was part of the army division that liberated the ambassador’s hometown during World War II.