Students all across the Augustana campus are thinking pink, participating in a number of activities to raise awareness for breast cancer research throughout the month of October.

The Augieholics are one group striving to make an impact. With the sale of their new pink t-shirts, members of the group are hoping to raise money for breast cancer research.

“Our pink Augieholic shirts have been a huge success,” Augieholics president Abby Jensen said. “This is the first time in Augieholic history that we have made pink ‘hello my name is…’ shirts available. The fact that these pink shirts support such a popular research topic have made sales skyrocket. As an organization, we feel that we have raised awareness by spreading pink throughout campus.”

Augieholics vice president Trevor Chadwick reiterated that he believes “wearing pink will promote the cause and therefore many people will be more inclined to help support the breast cancer foundation as well as get screened, which could potentially save lives.”

Students can purchase the t-shirts in the bookstore and at various sporting events throughout the month of October.

The Bowling for Boobs event, held on Oct. 10 at the Suburban Lanes, was Augustana’s chapter of Colleges Against Cancer’s big event for the month of October. Students were encouraged to wear their most creative pink apparel and prizes were given out for best-dressed individuals and teams, along with highest individual score of the night.

Group fitness instructor Hayley Burggraff will be heading up an event called Party in Pink Zumba at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 22 in the back alley. Students are encouraged to dress in their best pink attire to support breast cancer awareness while enjoying a Zumba workout. This will mark Burggraff’s second year hosting the event. She will also hold a similar Zumba session on Feb. 11 dressing in red for women’s heart health.

While many organizations at Augustana are joining the fight against breast cancer, two students have experienced the effects of this disease first-hand. Scot Missling and Jake Shama have both made a commitment to wear an article of pink apparel throughout the month of October in support of loved ones who have battled with breast cancer.

Senior Scot Missling lost his mother to breast cancer in August 2008 and feels that wearing pink this month “was a way to both honor her memory and raise awareness about finding a cure for this disease. No one should have to suffer a loss because of it.”

“I know so many people who have been affected by breast cancer, and so wearing some sort of pink for the whole month, whether it’s just a bracelet or a t-shirt, shows solidarity and support for those affected,” Missling said. “We have a mission to support them and not let them down or feel alone, but most importantly to find a cure.”

Jake Shama, senior, was motivated to wear pink through his girlfriend and roommate’s mothers’ battles with the disease.

“Breast cancer has touched so many students on this campus,” he said, “and I think it’s really important for those students to tell their stories. To make the most out of an awareness month, you’ve got to do something to consistently remind yourself and others everyday why that month is unique,” Shama said.

Breast cancer awareness month has encouraged Augustana students from a variety of groups to take up the fight against breast cancer and work toward a cure.