Augie students get ‘thriftier’ than usual




If Ben Haggerty had walked into the Siverson Lounge after arriving in Sioux Falls last Friday, he would have found racks and tables of clothing.

Augie Green hosted a thrift shop in the room from Tuesday to Sunday, allowing students to find new clothing to take home and a new home for theirs.

“The thrift shop serves these purposes by having students share clothing by an exchange system, driving the amount of clothing bought and discarded down thereby decreasing the waste we produce and environmental impact this has,” Sam Evenson, Augie Green co-president said.

While the group had this idea for a while, it was put into action after learning of the Macklemore concert.

The thrift shop started out on a ticket-based system with one ticket given for every donated item. As the week went on, the group accepted money for items.

Sam Evenson believes Augustana has embraced the on-campus thrift shop.

“I have had numerous people come up to me or- when hearing that I am a leader of Augie Green- mention how great an idea the thrift shop is,” Evenson said.

Molly Kokesh, Augie Green’s other co-president, said her favorite part about hosting the event was the reaction from students.

“I don’t think people expected to see as much quality clothes as they did,” Kokesh said. “That’s the great thing about thrifting on a college campus- we have a lot of nice things!” Kadyn Wittman, a senior at Augustana, participated in the event. She donated around a dozen articles of clothing.

“I have always been a strong advocate for the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ mentality and this event seemed like a great way to get students involved,” Wittman said. “There was also the added bonus of picking up some sweet new threads.”

Jordan Dobrowski, a member of Augie Green, hopes the Thrift Shop will become a yearly event for their group.

“I think it would be really cool if we could get an established place on campus,” Dobrowski said. “Of course, that would take years.”

The clothing left over at the end was donated.

“Even though not all of the clothing being exchanged will be taken and used by other Augie students, the clothing will still be going to use, and likely to some individual who is in greater need than us,” Evenson said.

Upcoming events for Augie Green include GreenFest on Friday, April 19, an on-campus 6K on Earth Day as well as the planting of their annual garden.