Originally published Nov. 28, 1939 in The Augustana Mirror



As a grand finale to her term as social board chairman, Agnes Toning and her board, Donna Jean Halvorson, Bob Haakinson, Harriet Wrolstad, Florence Devick and Paul Sather, staged a take-off party Nov. 25 on a small town Saturday night.

Upon arriving at Augieville one and all headed first for the hotel lobby, replete with potted plants and lounging chairs, checked their families and wraps, and then proceeded to take in the town.

Popular amusement centers were the general store where many a prize was given away for the winners of Bingo, the pool hall where Sheriff Paul Sather’s power to maintain order was needed, and the town hall where Rangvald Whitmyre, fire chief, was in charge of the firemen’s free benefit.

Two hilariously enjoyed events running on schedule were the tours of the adjacent country to Augieville by the hay rack riders and the bank nite feature of the Royal theatre, a comedy entitled “The Spot on the Rug.”

Throughout the evening Maxine Hanson, postmistress, was busy mailing and delivering letters and the post office was always crowded with letter writers and seekers.

At Fros’s Beanery doughnuts or cake, and chocolate milk or pop were continuously being served, restaurant style, by the village’s fairer sex.

The grand prize for the largest family was awarded to Mom and Pop Tonning and their brood of seven plus the Grandparents Roberts. The kids, baby Farley, Juniors Mannes, twins Mathis and Brenne, and sister Aaland, Hogenson, and Lewis, provided much entertainment as a result of their lack of dignity.

When the 10 o’clock curfew blew, the street show began, introduced by the mayor, William Wyman Wumkes. First came the shadow operation on Stubby Moe, beloved citizen, by Kendall Burns, small town doctor. Then, dressed in demure red and white frocks, the village chorus girls, Lulu Plowman, Mitzie Johnson, Clarabelle Nereim, Carlotta Feragen. Lizzie Hagen, Sadie Schultz, Katrinka Storsteen, Tillie Thompson, and Minnie Byre, were encored for their interpretation of the dance.

As a climax to the evening’s entertainment Lyle Lien and his 14-piece swing band played Suga Blues, Scatterbrain, Wishing, and Blue Orchids.

Assisting the social board members with the party were Howard Fitzer, Alice Haakinson, Mattie Hanson, Kaare Mathison, Vivian Muchow, Bob Berg, Helen Ytterness, Doris Iverson, Harold Froslie. Darlene Dorothy, Genevieve Mahre, Selma Howe, Virginia Durndey, Rangvald Whitmyre, Jno. McCollister, Bobbie Anderson, Bobbie Matson, Roy Rocksvold, Dorothy Rickensrud, Don Gross, Richard Schlock, Maxine Hanson, Avis Bekke, Lucille Halvorson, Caroline Hattlestad, George Anderson, Clyde Ainsworth., Vic Odland, Lois Monk, Glenn Lee, and Alice Johnson.

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