Augie History

Agreement in a time of strife

In this time of campus unrest, the concepts of student power and responsibility have been discussed, argued about and fought over. One important segment of student power is the freedom of the student press. In some institutions, riots have occurred over the question of whether or not the student newspaper should be free. Fortunately at Augustana, the faculty has made clear the freedom that the Mirror and the other student publications have.

The faculty handbook now reads, The Student Publications Committee shall, “Serve as a sounding board for editorial, financial and public relation’s problems of student publications.” Previously the statement read, “Formulate and supervise editorial, business and public relation’s policies which are to govern all student publications.” The rationale for the change reads, “This is a more accurate description of the committee’s activities, and it erases the implication of editorial control and censorship which never have been activities of the committee.” One thing that other campuses have fought for has been gained at Augustana. Now the editors of the Mirror and Edda are in practice and theory in control of their publications within the framework of the college.

Now that all have agreed that responsibility for student publications rests with the ASA and its appointees, a word of policy is necessary. The Mirror will never deliberately stifle an issue or one side of it. It is necessary to point all parts of a problem. The Mirror cannot straddle the fence any more than any person can. Therefore it is expected that the Mirror will stand behind specific proposals and ideas. It is doubtful that this stand will always be the stand of the majority. It is necessary for a college newspaper to be a leading force on campus, at the same time, the Mirror will print in good taste, fair play and accuracy.

This newspaper’s ultimate control lies with the student and in specific practice with its editor.

Sept. 19, 1969

The Augustana Mirror