Augie app to hit campus




In an age when the fastest and most convenient way to access information is through cell phones, it is only practical to have an application for all Augustana-related information. In the near future, this app will exist.

ASA has contracted junior Robert Mikhayelyan to develop an application that will give students easy access to already existing Augustana websites since “finding these services while on your phone is sometimes a challenge,” Mikhayelyan said.

Mikhayelyan is a programmer and the president of the Computer Science Club on campus. ASA president Matt Anderson knew of Mikhayelyan’s background in programming, leading to his involvement in the project.

“It is wonderful to have a student from our community to be creating something that may change Augie in a big way,” ASA vice president Krista Youngberg said.

The app’s features will initially include a campus map, student announcements, student calendar, the Commons’ dining menu, myAugie and The Mirror.

“The application is meant to be a tool to get information in the hands of Augie students as quickly as possible, but other uses and features may be added later after an initial release,” Mikhayelyan said.

Youngberg is excited about the features this app will include. “When someone enters the app, they will be able to choose between alumni, current student, and perspective student,” Youngberg said. “This will help everyone be on the same page and learn about what is going on at Augustana.”

Mikhayelyan has been working on the application for about a month, “although in the past week or so is when development has really ramped up,” he said.

The Android version is nearing completion and an iOS version is beginning development.

“We’re still deciding on other platforms and on a release table,” Mikhayelyan said. “Our goal is to have it in students’ hands as soon as possible and to roll out updates later to make the application even more useful to students as time goes on.”

In a relatively short amount of time, current students prospective students, and alumni will be able to check the Augie portal, learn their dining choices, and read Mirror articles on the go, all from one app on their cell phones.