ASA’s Augie App completed




There is an app for that. This will soon be the response Augustana students will receive when they have questions  about the campus.

The Augustana Student Association (ASA) created a mobile app for students that would allow them to have convenient access to information about Augustana.

“This project started with ASA,” student body president Matt Anderson said. “One thing that we had continually been hearing last year on ASA was that students have a hard time finding campus information. This got last year’s ASA President Thad Titze and I thinking about what ASA could do to present the information through a more student-focused avenue.”

Titze and Anderson eventually began researching their idea. They committed ASA funds to the project, which Rob Oliver matched. Before long, the pair began working with Robert Mikhayelyan, a current senior at Augustana, to develop the app.

“Robert is an incredible programmer,” Anderson said. “He has made this entire project possible. Working with a professional company would have meant a much more extreme investment on Augustana’s part. But Robert has been willing to do this work at a very discounted rate, which has allowed us to move forward with the app as quickly as we have.”

The app will be known as “Augie Mobile” and will provide access via mobile devices to news feed events, announcements, map, weather and any other current happenings on campus.

“Many large universities have a mobile app,” said dean of students Jim Bies. “However, it is very unique, if not distinctive, to provide an easy-to-use app on a campus of our size.”

“Augie Mobile” will not only be available to current students. According to sophomore ASA senator Elliot Blue, ASA hopes to extend this app to alumni and perspective students by creating respective logins for each group.

Alumni will then be updated on what’s happening on campus and prospective students will be able to virtually explore Augustana.

“This app has the potential to dramatically impact how Augustana communicates with students, faculty, alumni and the greater community,” said Anderson.

“People carry their phones with them all the time, and if we can make it easier and more appealing for people to access information about Augustana on their mobile devices, it is a good thing for everybody involved.”

The app is currently live and ready to be downloaded in app stores. Anderson is waiting a few weeks to officially begin advertising the app until it has finished undergoing beta testing.

“The completion of the app is a huge milestone for Augustana, and I have been so excited to see how far the entire project has come in the past year and a half,” Anderson said.