ASA Update: April 11 & 17


Hannah Redder


President and vice-president announced they had vetoed the senators’ decision to allocate $600 to Colleges Against Cancer (CAC). The group accepted the veto, but again decided to give CAC $300 to hold Relay For Life on April 27.

Due to people asking how they could help after the ice storm, ASA organized a clean up from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday, April 13. The event benefitted both the Augustana campus and the surrounding community, its participants helping dig cars out of the snow and picking up fallen branches.

The final order of business also dealt with the storm. ASA recognized Augustana’s efforts to keep as many services open to students as possible, and wrote thank-you notes to several departments. These included the Elmen Center, Mikkelsen Library and dining services.


A request from the math society for $500 was passed to help pay for a speaker’s plane ticket, hotel and dinner, as well as the group’s chapter fee. Its members will be expected to pay for their own cords and membership fees.

Sophomore Leah Murfield was chosen as Dance Marathon’s new president.

Senior senator Morgan McAlpin informed the group of UBG’s attendance, profit and final spending for the year.

Development for Augustana’s mobile app was discussed, including incorporating it into next year’s budget.

Committee leaders shared their mission statements, and a plan was made to post them on the Augustana website for the student body to view.

ASA’s constitution was amended to include the new communication director position, replacing the secretary.