ASA promotes Google student calendar


Campus News Brief

The Augustana Student Association (ASA) will use the ASA student calendar as a factor in determining next year’s budgets for student groups on campus, according to president Thad Titze.

Using the calendar to post times for group meetings and events “will be a favorable factor for those groups who use it,” Titze said.

The student calendar was developed last year with the goal of providing a standard location for students to find information about groups on campus.

“It’s been a long process getting student groups acquainted with how to use it,” ASA vice president Matt Anderson said. Both Anderson and Titze hope to see the calendar more widely used by students.

While 63 student groups have access to update the calendar, fewer than 10 groups actually have posted information online this year. Drew Trahms, president of the Augustana government club COUPS, is one of the few group leaders currently using the calendar.

“I think in the future it will be a good tool, but right now the low traffic level on the calendar itself means that it’s not really a huge recruiting tool,” Trahms said.

Use of the calendar will only be one factor in determining budget allocations to student groups for the 2013-2014 academic year, but Titze hopes this will encourage groups to use the calendar as a resource for informing students of group activities.

“Our job is to support student activities,” Titze said. “We would like the students to see the variety of things happening on campus in a given day.”