ASA President, Vice President plan to revamp meal plan committee

The Augustana Student Association (ASA) will be making an organizational change to the current committee “The Kitchen Cabinet” next semester.

The reconstructed task force will “allow it to be more student-driven” according to ASA President Thad Titze.

“Student voices will be the most important thing when the task force meets,” Titze said. “Being very purposeful of increasing members, and who those members are will allow the task force to be more productive.”

The committee has previously been made up of senators and administrators from Sodexo and student services.

“We are going to especially increase the number of non-senators on there and also achieve greater diversity of student popularity represented,” Titze said. The committee is looking for a male and a female student athlete and at least one international student that would be able to meet twice a month with the committee.

“It’s a win for those students who aren’t at the table because they’ll be better represented by their peers, even better than they already are,” Titze said.