ARM PARTY: Layered Jewelry


Upon hearing the word party, people can’t help but ask, “Where’s the party?”

Well, this fall it’s official: “Arm parties” are in thanks to fashionista Leandra Medine. Medine is the leader for bold, fun and out-there trends. She makes things cool before they are actually cool. So it makes sense that she would be the one to coin the phrase “arm party.”

The definition of an arm party is a gathering, bash or festival for your wrists that allows you to decide the occasion and who is invited.

The designers at Free People Clothing Boutique are serious wrist-war competitors. They describe their arm parties as a mix of many different, bright, bold, chunky, sentimental, mix-and-match bracelets.

However Augustana sophomore Morgan DePerno would challenge Free People to a real wrist-war.

DePerno has been a fan of arm parties for quite some time.

“I’ve always considered my style a story. I usually layer bracelets on one wrist, but each one has a story, a meaning and a memory I want to remember.”

“Despite the jests from my peers, ‘You put all of those on every morning?, Is your right arm stronger from wearing all of those bracelets?’, I will keep being a gypsy, so to speak, and remembering.”

Deperno’s words lead up to my first tip. It is important to pick the theme of your party.

Are you going for a fun, summery vibe with bright colors and funky patterns? Are you looking for something more neutral and versatile? Or maybe you would like a mixture of both? Once you have decided your theme, it is time to start layering.

Free People presents three different color palettes for fall arm parties.

The neutral color palette consists of gray-blue, rust, copper and ivory, mixed with different textures such as metal, beaded wrap bracelets and feathers for the natural, down-to-earth feel.

The next palette provides a richer feel by combining deep colors with embellished friendship bracelets and metal textures.

Finally, if you want a classy or refined look for a night out on the town, Free People recommends mixing metal bangles with wrap bracelets in shades of silver, blue and black.

I love to throw arm parties. They give me the opportunity to change the look of an outfit just by mixing and matching bracelets.

I like to go for a chunkier look that plays with different metals and textures, and primarily utilizes gold, bronze, silver and black.

It is safe to say arm parties are my favorite type of party. Not only are they fabulous, but there’s also no such thing as being fashionably late.