Find Those ‘Fish in the Sea’


Like most parents, my mother always reminded me to not talk to strangers when I was little.

However, my friends successfully persuaded me to download Tinder, and the app provides a chance to talk to the random men around me. As sketchy as it sounds, I actually find Tinder to be a convenient place to meet interesting strangers in my area. Sorry, Mom.

What I like the most about Tinder is that it facilitates meeting people outside one’s school or workplace. As the old saying goes, “there are plenty of fish in the sea,” and Tinder is the high-speed boat that takes you to the middle of the open sea.

Fish by the shore are different than fish in the ocean, so you will never know what kind of people you can find out there using Tinder. If you actually use this app to find a potential romantic partner, you are smart for expanding your search field.

I personally don’t use Tinder for finding serious relationships, just to have more people to share interests with.

From my own experience, I got matched during spring break with an Illinois State University student who is more obsessed with Star Wars than me.

We discussed the movie and other shared interests for hours. It was a positive Tinder experience, because I know no one back at Augie who is as passionate about Star Wars as that man.

But, if you are just looking for a good laugh, Tinder is actually good entertainment. I once found a guy with a bio reading, “You may know me from the movies, because I am an actor. A famous one. I do other things too, mostly nude modeling.” Swipe left.

Along with those perks, I also find that Tinder builds up confidence, especially for people like me who have been single for a long time (the ratio of men to women at this school does not help).

I sometimes wonder if my appearance or my interests are not attractive to men, but Tinder matches actually help me feel better about myself. I mean, how can I not be at least a little happy when someone says, “I like your pictures, and it’s cool that you like traveling and Coldplay, too.”

If you are still skeptical about this convenient app, I have to let you know that even U.S. athletes used Tinder during the 2014 Winter Olympics.

I believe I just added something into my bucket list: getting Tinder -matched with either Nick Goepper or Gus Kenworthy at the Olympics.


Naras Prameswari is a sophomore journalism major from Jakarta, Indonesia.


Risks Not Worth the Perks


I had Tinder for somewhere around a month. In that time frame, I matched with what I assume to be an average amount of people, and I talked to some pretty nice, well-meaning guys. I was also messaged by a disturbing number of whack jobs.

These diamonds in the rough were more rough than they were diamond, and their pickup lines ranged from degrading comments about me being a single mom (the picture was of me with my nephew, thanks very much) to the oh-so-endearing, “Sex?”

I never responded. They were just digging their own sexual graves by coming off as grade-A jerks, I thought, probably sounding a lot like my mother. That wouldn’t work on anybody.

Wrong. A Twitter handle that surfaced on Feb. 10, @tinderfessions, already has over a thousand submitted tweets about the sketchy underworld of Tinder. Okay, maybe “underworld” is dramatic, but “sketchy” definitely is not.

Even though I’m not a one-night stand gal myself, apparently plenty of people are, and they sound questionable at best. One can’t be sure if “double-teamed” actually means “raped,” or if performing disgusting sexual acts for pizza makes someone a prostitute.

I love pizza as much as the next girl, but no amount of Canadian bacon will convince me to pee on someone’s face.

Tinder has essentially injected the classic hookup with Hulk serum mixed with a little bit of Viagra. And probably meth. Two months clean, I find myself watching as this horny green monster stomps out any faith I had in humanity—one @tinderfessions tweet at a time.

Sometimes I have nightmares about Tinder causing virulent strains of STDs that people catch like a cold. I imagine that the insane number of unplanned pregnancies will result in a league of genetically doomed offspring called “Generation Tinder.” Pizza will be street-corner currency.

Forgive me if I sound prudish, but we all deserve a little better than dirty pizza money. Just like with the Internet, we sometimes forget that college is actually real life.

The things we do here affect everything that comes after, and Tinder’s hookups on steroids have the potential to make us seriously regret our college years. So use it in moderation. At the risk of sounding like my mother again, just be careful.


Hannah Redder is a junior English and journalism major from Mitchell, S.D.