A salute to fashion:


Wear army green with pride




Go green. Army green, that is.

With Earth Day this past Monday, it makes sense to want to do “green” type things. Hiking, planting a tree or even just laying in the fresh green grass were all at the top of my Ways to Celebrate Earth Day list. But the South Dakota weather proved once again that it isn’t quite ready for fresh spring air, beautiful flowers and green grass. That’s right: We were forced to celebrate Earth Day in the snow.

Unfortunately, the only green South Dakotans saw on Earth Day 2013 was on the runways.

Salute the green, because army green is in full force and being worn by more than just our loyal troops. An army jacket paired with white T-shirts or dresses is the perfect spring day ensemble—if spring ever comes.

The jacket is easy to throw on with almost anything, and it still manages to look fabulous without much effort. It creates sort of an edgy twist when paired with your lacey dresses or tight denim.

This trend has been seen many times in the past. The last time I remember army green being all the rage was when I was in the sixth grade. Back then, I was a bit off in the trend department; that’s right, folks, I attempted to rock the camouflage crops.

Since then, the army green trend has continued to gain momentum, especially when it comes to the military style jacket.

If you like the army jacket look but aren’t sure what to wear it with, the answer is simple: Everything. Think of it as the new version of the denim jacket.

Still, that might not satisfy you because many think denim goes with everything, but green…not so much.

That is the beauty of the trend. Clashing seems to be the thing to do in the fashion world. Right now, mixing and matching prints, textures, pairing lace with leather—contrasting makes a look all your own.

So why couldn’t the grunge look of the army green military jacket be the cherry that tops off your outfit? If anything, the subtle green will help keep your spring fever at bay until Mother Nature decides to thaw her attitude. Literally. Now that is something worth saluting.

Army Green