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Sweden Archbishop visits Augustana



Rev. Antje Jackelén claims a lot of firsts. She’s the first woman to be voted Archbishop of Sweden. She’s the first archbishop to have a twitter. She’s also the first female archbishop to meet and be recognized by the Pope. On October 31, 2016, she and Pope Francis led an unprecedented service together in honor of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

On November 29, 2017, Jackelén added another first to her ever-growing list. She visited Sioux Falls for the first time. Continue reading


All in to stand out

Women open season with 5-0 record, return eight veteran players to roster


rjtuchsherer16@ole.augie.eduimage8 (1)

And they’re back.

Returning eight junior and senior players, the women’s basketball team has captured its first undefeated 5-0 season start in five years.

The team snatched massive wins against Truman State, William Penn, Michigan Tech, Lake Superior State, and an 83-78 overtime victory against Wayne State College, ranked No. 5 in the current NSIC standings with a 6-3 record. Continue reading


Washer and tumbler trouble Students frustrated with laundry facilities


Numerous students over the past several weeks have complained of trouble with laundry facilities on campus, and the problem does not appear to have a simple solution, according to students interviewed by the Mirror.

Many students have raised issues with the washers in Solberg Hall and Bergsaker Hall which leak detergent onto the clothes, causing oily stains. The stains can be washed out, but having to add another rinse cycle is tedious work. The washers in freshmen dorms have also leaked water onto the floor multiple times, leaving puddles for people to slip in. The machines don’t always turn on, and the dryers will sometimes destroy clothes.

“I will put all my clothes in [the washing machine] and it won’t start, it’s just dead,” Grace Goble, a freshman in Solberg, said. “And the dryers are just not gentle. I have to take my nicer clothes out [because] they will make rips.” Continue reading


I won’t be home for Christmas: a foreign student’s holiday


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There’s no place like home for the holidays, until home is over a thousand miles away. And for international students, that is often the case. Unlike most Augustana students, who need only drive a short way down the highway, international students often face expensive airline tickets overseas, which can easily soar into the $1,000 to $2,000 price range.

For this reason, many students find themselves celebrating the holiday season on a quiet—often too quiet—campus.

“For Christmas, there is no one here,” said senior Neeshma Ramdhun. “There is literally no one.” Continue reading