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Campus alcohol, drug use tallied in survey


Results from the 2015 Core Alcohol and Drug Survey are in and, according to the outcome, Augustana students both mimic and deviate from the national average.

According to Dean of Students Jim Bies, the Core survey is a legislative mandate put forth by the U.S. Department of Education for all institutions that receive federal funding of any sort, including grant money or financial aid received on behalf of attending students. Center for Campus Life graduate assistant Chelsea Sorensen said the survey is designed to help institutions assess the “nature and extent” of campus alcohol and drug use.

Augustana has undertaken an analysis of the most recent year’s Core survey, which was completed by students in Nov. 2015, as a part of its larger biennial review. The Core survey, too, is biennial. Bies said the data from the Core survey can help Augustana track trends in student alcohol and drug use. Continue Reading…


Administrators twiddle thumbs while Old Main crumbles


From my dorm room window in the northwest corner of the second floor of East Hall, I can gaze out at the boarded-up windows of Old Main. I’m currently taking ornithology, so I love to observe swallows building nests in the holes in the plywood and record my observations in my birding journal.

When I study in my room after dusk, I can watch bats fly out from under the building’s cornices. I’ve never even taken a class in the building, but there’s something rather melancholic about Old Main.

Last year in Dr. Miller’s Reading Augustana Civitas class, I got to explore Old Main, so I saw its empty classrooms and the former home of Augie’s KAUR radio station. It was hauntingly bittersweet. The building, which was boarded up in its 100th year of existence, was built for $20,000 in 1889 on land donated by Senator R. F. Pettigrew. Continue Reading…


Final show puts four years of talent, passion on display for five seniors


Five senior art majors are sharing the results of their journeys as artists in an exhibit opening in the Eide/Dalrymple gallery Friday, April 29. This year, work from Stacey Bautista, Mary Brunick, Claire Buendorf, Katie Retterath and Shelby Stevens is featured as part of the senior art show.

“It is a culmination of all our work that we’ve done over the past four years in the art department,” Bautista said. “It really celebrates what we’ve done in the past and what we’re going to look forward to in the future.”

The title of this year’s show is “Art Chose Us.” Continue Reading…


Bodybuilders compete against themselves and their reflections


The rumbling from the stereo and an occasional rhythmic sound of metal against hard flooring fills the hallway of the Elmen Center. It’s 3 p.m. and the building is dotted with coaches and identically dressed student athletes getting ready for practice. The smell of chlorine has crept its way out of the pool and will soon be accompanied by the scent of sweat and caffeinated sports drinks.

There. Through the glass separating the weight room from the rest of South Dakota, with protruding veins meandering under pearl-sweaty skin attached to muscular frames, you can spot them: The group of individuals who, without the recognition, financial rewards and fancy uniforms, share the same commitment and dedication of the many student athletes on campus. They put their bodies through tremendous amounts of stress, pain and weeks of starvation in the pursuit of the perfect physique.

They are the bodybuilders of Augustana. Continue Reading…