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Breaking—President Oliver reveals 2016-17 to be his final year


After 25 years of involvement with the school, Augustana University President Rob Oliver said this academic year will be his last.

Oliver emailed Augustana faculty and staff Monday morning about a surprise announcement. At 4 p.m. in the Chapel Monday afternoon, he revealed the reason behind the meeting, saying “There’s never an easy time to leave, but the time does come.”

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Residents displeased with communication, prevention


During the heavy rainfall of Sept. 15, water began to seep into the basement of three theme houses: Menlo, Campus and Wahl. A few inches of water sat on the floor of the latter two, while the carpet soaked up the moisture in Menlo.

Residents of the houses expressed frustration about the handling of the flooding and what they deemed to be a lack of preventative measures.

Senior Nicole Grinager, a resident of Campus House, said that her housing issues have been “super frustrating.”

“At Augustana, where we hold our students, our professors, our community up to such a high standard, we are completely neglecting places where students are living,” she said. Continue Reading…






Genesis comes alive onstage


When the World was Wild and Waste: is not only a fantastic alliteration but also a show that tells the story of Genesis chapters one and two, diving deeper into the meaning of creation.

According to playwright and Augustana religion professor Richard Swanson, the play began 20 years ago when the origin stories of Genesis one and two caught Swanson’s imagination.

“The best way to understand biblical stories is through performance,” Swanson said.

So Swanson began thinking and writing about possible ways to divulge the stories and meanings of Genesis. Continue Reading…





Soapbox: Stopping earth-threatening diseases not on America’s agenda

Destiny Pinder-Buckley

Fear of a zombie apocalypse is considered irrational. Science simply does not support the ultimate eradication of the entire human race due to people rising from the dead in the quest for fresh brains.

However, science does support the dangers of global and epidemics that could actually kill off the human species, yet this is placed on the backburner to the fantasy realm of zombies.

Humans are prey to deadly diseases. For evidence, just look at history.

The Black Plague killed nearly one-third of Europe’s population in the 14th century; the Great Flu Pandemic of 1918 is estimated to have killed up to 50 million people worldwide. Since 1984, more than 25 million people have died of AIDS.Continue Reading







Men’s cross-country sets sights on NCAA title; women aim for top-15 nationally

Tracy Hellman said his women’s cross country team has a chance to place top-15 at the national meet this season, which is pretty good on its face.

Then the Augustana head coach revealed that he thinks the women’s team is in rebuilding year.

It’s a testament to how far the cross-country programs have come under Hellman’s direction. The men’s team had won only one conference title and one region championship before Hellman took over in 2000, while the women had no hardware.  Continue Reading…