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Science Center expansion brings concerns of safety, class relocation


Construction is underway for the $120 million, 125,000-square-foot Sven G. Froiland Science Complex.

Though the construction itself is no secret, the details, changes and challenges that lie behind the fences and heavy machinery may seem surprising.

Priority number one is ensuring safety on campus, according to director of Campus Safety Rick Tupper. Continue reading…


Jackson Buchanan’s budget and inexperience couldn’t keep him from owning his dream ride.



Most college students who love do-it-yourself projects keep their efforts relatively simple. They might take up cooking or knitting or, perhaps, building birdhouses.

Jackson Buchanan built a motorcycle.

The Augustana senior had long hoped to have a chopper of his own. Unfortunately, he did not have the funds to buy one outright.  So, he found an alternative. Continue reading…


Right-win revival threatens Europe

Matthew Housiaux

Once again, a spectre is haunting Europe–the spectre of fascism.

Indeed, nearly 70 years after the downfall of Hitler (and less than thirty years after liberal democracy supposedly won the Cold War), a resurgent right wing has been gaining steady traction in European politics.

Preying on longstanding financial and racial anxieties that were exacerbated by the 2008 economic crisis, many ultra-conservative politicians have found their xenophobic rhetoric enjoying sizeable popular support, particularly in France and Italy. Continue reading…


Vikings fall to nation’s No. 3 team

Football Game 1

Thomas Elness

Hope quickly departed Kirkeby-Over Stadium after a missed extra point Saturday afternoon.

Augustana’s football team fell to University of Minnesota-Duluth in overtime after failing to tie the game with an extra-point kick, losing by a final score of 23-22 to the nationally-ranked Bulldogs.

UMD nailed two first-half field goals, taking a 6-0 lead into the locker room. Continue reading…