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Full steam ahead

Interim dean appointed for 2016-2017 with goal of continuing university momentum


Susan Hasseler’s new position as president at an Ohio liberal arts institution has left the academic dean role at Augustana open for a newcomer. 

For the 2016-2017 school year, that person will be Jerry Jorgensen, associate vice president for graduate and continuing education. Jorgensen was named interim dean last week.

According to President Rob Oliver, Jorgensen’s past experience as provost and senior vice president at Park University in Missouri and dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at South Dakota State University (SDSU) makes him a “significant and pertinent” choice. Continue Reading…

ROOM TO GROW: Campus survey shows need of greater inclusion


Results from a 2015 campus climate survey show that Augustana has room to improve diversity and inclusion initiatives on campus.

The survey found that as a whole, students believe that the Augustana community is welcoming and respectful toward all students. 95 percent said they are comfortable interacting with classmates from diverse backgrounds.

However, responses from American students of diverse backgrounds show that they don’t feel as supported or embraced by the larger Augustana community. Over one-third of black or African-American students reported they do not feel valued by classmates, and four out of 10 said they do not agree with the statement, “students at Augustana are treated fairly regardless of race.” Continue Reading

Letter to the editor: Incoming ASA president, treasurer apologize for breach of conduct

Dear Augustana,

When I was in high school, my dad gave me some good advice: “When you accept a leadership role, you forfeit the right to make excuses.” There hasn’t been a moment when that advice rang more true. On April 16, Will Bordewyk and I were charged with a violation of the student code of conduct.

Another VA discovered us having a beer in my dorm room, and as a result, we have resigned our positions as Viking Advisors in Solberg Hall. We want to express our regret for the decision that we made. As leaders on campus, we recognize that we have made a mistake, and we take full ownership of it. We will be stronger leaders because of the lessons that we have learned. Continue Reading…


Completeness showcases rawness in relationships


The Augustana Collaborative Theatrical Society (ACTS) marks the completion of Augustana Theatre’s 2015-2016 slate of shows—along with junior director Claire Avery’s college career—this weekend when it presents Completeness, a play by Itamar Moses.

The play follows two graduate students—Elliott, a computer programmer, and Molly, a biologist—as they try to make sense of their personal lives and relationships with the help of their chosen sciences. Avery and freshman actress Joscelyn Schipper had markedly similar comments about what makes the show so interesting.

“It’s honest,” Avery said. “I feel like there are a lot of shows where you can go to them and feel like the characters are staged and the dialogue is staged and like it’s a show. This is an incredibly honest view of what a 20-something is like and what their life is like, and how it can be hard but really beautiful sometimes.” Continue Reading…


Adrenaline replaces heartache

Augustana senior uses highlining to heal


Caleb Larimer balances on a 1­-inch thick string of webbing six feet off the ground, stretching 200 feet between two pine trees near the tennis courts on Augustana’s campus.

Steady breathing. In, out. In, out.

Poised and focused. Deep breaths.

In… out.

Foot over foot.

Left. Right. Left… right.

A breeze passes by, hardly noticeable by South Dakota standards, but enough to nearly knock him off balance.

Without missing a beat, he extends an arm and a leg to regain his balance and walks on.

Deep breaths: in… out. Continue Reading…