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Freshmen projection may spur changes at Augustana


Bergsaker and Solberg Halls will likely no longer be the lone on-campus housing option for freshmen next academic year.

Because of a large projected freshmen class, the first floor of Tuve Hall has been reserved for next year’s freshmen, according to Director of Campus Life Corey Kopp.

Kopp said Bergsaker and Solberg can ideally fit 420-426 students, with one room left open on each wing in each dorm to accommodate possible roommate conflicts and just to give students room to breathe.

“You want enough space that people don’t feel like they’re sitting on top of each other all the time,” Kopp said.

President Rob Oliver currently forecasts the class to feature about 460 students. Continue Reading…



James Jennings

Curiosity meets creativity in new podcast


If you tune into senior James Jennings’ new podcast series, SPUnK, you may learn a few things you’ve never thought of before, such as who came up with the idea of pencils, the benefits a flag can provide a community and what phenology is.

SPUnK, short for the Society for the Preservation of Unnecessary Knowledge, is all about promoting knowledge that some might cast aside as useless or simply unnecessary. Jennings started the club two years ago before deciding to create a podcast modeled after the club for an independent study project.

“I like the idea of creating something enjoyable for people to listen to and to cover topics that basically go unnoticed or unheard of,” Jennings said.  Continue Reading…





Women’s golf looking for regional title


If the first version of this year’s Central Region rankings are any indication, Augustana women’s golf is the class of the NSIC.

Augustana was ranked highest of the five NSIC teams named in the release, with no other conference foe in the top-10.

Assistant coach Kaari Speer believes the season has gone well so far, but the team hasn’t “gotten into our best golf yet.”

“It’s promising,” Speer said. “But our next breath is that we have to get into our best golf here because conference is [soon] and regionals are a few weeks away, and we want to put our best foot forward.” 

Junior Sierra Langlie says she believes the team is in a good spot now but that there’s always room for improvement.  Continue Reading…


Liz Renner Global Perspective

Earth Week: Tips for living a greener lifestyle

Happy Earth Week, Augustana!  

April 22 is the one day each year that we take a moment to reflect on how blessed we are to call this planet our home.

Sometimes it seems as if the pressing issues facing our world—climate change, deforestation and ocean acidification, to name a few—are too difficult to tackle.

It’s easy to fall into thinking that our own individual actions don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. The good news is that you can work to save the planet by making tiny changes to your collegiate lifestyle.

Here are some useful tips to help you effect change and become a more environmentally friendly college student: Continue Reading…