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Verdier switches from week of awards to one-night event


The Covenant Awards have been handed over to new leaders since last year, who bring with them changes to Verdier week.

Rather than host several awards ceremonies throughout the week, the Dean of Students Office will host only one event in which all five awards will be given out.

Sandi Vietor, director of the Student Success Center, has been in charge of the awards for several years. This changed with her transition from the Dean of Students Office, which runs the Covenant Awards, to Academic Affairs, leaving Verdier week unmanned. Continue reading…



Hunting Ground

College selected as one of 10 schools to view The Hunting Ground film



For many women in colleges across America, their dream school will turn into a nightmare, according to the tagline for the  documentary The Hunting Ground.

The film aired at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the GSC in an event sponsored by Campus Life, Civitas and  the independent film society Cinema Falls. Augustana was one of 10 colleges selected to view The Hunting Ground before the film is widely released in April.

Intended to spark conversation, the documentary deals with sexual assault on college campuses and inaction on the part of academic institutions. Continue reading…


Man buns belong on your head, too



#mancandymonday had its 15 seconds of fame, but a new kind of shoutout has recently been brightening up Instagram on that most- dreaded weekday.

It pays tribute to those men who have taken the leap into a daring hair trend and have done a darn good job. Yep, we’re talking men with buns.

The man bun is a look that first popped up in 2014, when Jared Leto wore his hair pulled back to the Golden Globes. I’ll admit I was a little late jumping on the man bun bandwagon, and I think the reason was that Leto, though attractive and obviously a trendsetter, couldn’t quite pull it off. Continue reading…


Food service requires revamp


With the many freedoms of going to college, Augustana cuts us short in one important area: the wildly overpriced meal plan. Sodexo, the food service in the Augustana Commons, gives students only one meal plan and two options: buy it, or don’t.

Most institutions offer at least two choices for meal plans, based on either the number of meals per week or how many times one can eat in a day. Augustana, on the other hand, allows you to eat whenever you want during the 12 hours it is open every day. The meal plan poses as unlimited food all year for $1,800.  But is this unlimited meal plan really that unlimited? Continue reading…


Too-early exit: Men’s basketball upset in regional semifinals


This wasn’t how it was supposed to end.

After 31 wins, regular season and postseason conference championships and innumerable individual awards across the roster, a loss before the region championship seemed premature.

The NCAA Division II Men’s Basketball Tournament doesn’t have the publicity of its big brother, the tournament that spawned the nickname “March Madness.” Nobody fills out D-2 brackets with their buddies. The best players’ finest moments don’t get featured on SportsCenter. Continue reading…